Wood pellet biomass burner wood chips sawdust burner

Features 1.Lower fuel consumption. 2.Lower power consumption. 3.Lower heat losses. 4.Boilers are completely trimmed, packaged boilers. No additional fuel train items or electrical wiring is needed. 5.Located in the upper ring has large-capacity boiler steam room, pot and underwater soft drinks separation measures, ensure the availability of high quality steam.

No.: : HR-60-FL
Brand : : HR
Size: :

HR series biomass pellet combustion machine is a combustion equipment with cheap biomass particles as fuel, which is developed by Huarui company and famous universities and research institutes.This series of products using semi gasification suspension combustion technology, has the advantages of reasonable structure, using the PIC operating system, automatic intelligent operation, touch screen button, English LCD interface, full sealed variable speed feed, with 458 remote operation interface, automatic ignition, automatic temperature control, automatic conversion and other advantages of the size of the fire.Dual frequency can reach the air feeding, synchronization, high thermal efficiency, full combustion,  also can reduce the emissions of dust burner.Dual control and connection, can control the temperature (High stop low opening), also can control the boiler pressure.The utility model has the advantages of no pollution, low emission, compact structure, simple and convenient installation, small occupation space, low operation cost, etc.. To meet the needs of different customers, and fully conducive to thermal energy, using air-cooled, water-cooled two kinds of protection.Air combustion helps to make the flame more vigorous and powerful. The water cooled structure can generate hot water, can be used for producing or living water, and can also be used by a boiler for two times so as to make full use of the heat source.

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1:High efficiency and energy saving: using renewable biomass pellet fuel as energy source, the use cost is lower, and the running cost of 30%-60% is lower than that of fuel (gas).

 2:High thermal efficiency: semi gasification, suspension combustion and tangential swirl type air distribution design, low temperature staged combustion, the burnout rate of more than 98%, the furnace temperature of 1200 degrees celsius.

3:Stable and reliable: micro positive pressure operation, silo isolation, feeding mode, no tempering and fire removal, has applied for national invention patents.

4:Low carbon environmental protection: soot, sulfur and nitrogen emissions are low, carbon dioxide close to zero emissions, in line with the requirements of GB12371 soot emissions.

5:Simple operation, convenient installation, automatic feeding, simple operation, small workload, large capacity hopper (Large capacity hopper can be customized), charging 3-12 hours can run only once, timely fill bin, single person on duty can.

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Application range:

  Widely used in spray drying line: aluminum processing, casting heat treatment, annealing furnace, aluminum rod heating furnace. Industrial furnace, greenhouse, steam boiler, hot water boiler, drying equipment: paint, wood, stone, leather, clothing, ceramics, paper products, and supporting energy-saving food drying equipment and other heating equipment.

Our company has professional technology and experienced experts, and we can come to spot to direct the operation the process. All the special biomass sawdust burner for steam boilers are in stock, welcome your presence to investigate,or we can sent the new machine to you directly!^_^

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♥. Pre-sale service: design and manufacture machines for you as your special requirements, provide you with project, process design, and purchase programm.
♥. On-sale service: accompany with you to look around our factory, explain the manufacture process of our machines, and check the working performance of our machines.
♥. After-sale service: engineers are available to install and debugging equipments of the whole production line, besides, commissioning and training operators on site.



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