The company develops new products

2018-01-03 16:11:18 huarui01 6

The company develops new products

The company recently developed a new stove for outdoor use-rocket stove.

Portable Pellet Stove creates a cozy campfire just about anywhere.With this small fire bowl you can sit around a roaring fire, anywhere, late into the night with friends.

Easy to carry, and very portable, very suitable for picnic in the field, can boil water, cook, convenient for everyone.

Net weight:14KG  Gross weight:18kg  Size:300*500*260    wooden case packing

lighting the stove

1. take off the feeding hopper

2. to start a rocket stove use small dry"kindling"about the size of "chopsticks"

3. once going and up to temperature,add larger sticks/wood for a hot fire

4. if you should to burn pellet,push forward sticks/wood,fit on feeding hooper,fill pellet.

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The company mainly produces and operates biomass burners, biomass boilers, biomass forming equipment, biomass fuels, all kinds of environmental dust removal equipment and other product lines. The company to develop energy efficient environmentally friendly biomass energy as the basic, to expand the biomass energy value chain as the guide, to develop low-carbon recycling economy as the goal.

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