The contrast between biomass fuels and other fuels

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What is biomass fuel?

It is well known that human survival and development cannot be separated from energy. With the rapid growth of energy demand in the world, represented by coal, oil, gas, conventional energy will eventually be exhausted, At the same time, the use of these fossil fuels can lead to a series of serious environmental pollution problems. Therefore, to improve energy efficiencyIt is an important way to solve the energy crisis and environmental problems by developing new and low-pollution, renewable energy sources and gradually replacing non-renewable energy sources such as oil, coal and natural gas.

Biomass fuel is the straw, rice husk, sawdust, wood chips, such as biomass waste, use the method of mechanical pressure, make the original loose, amorphous materials into a certain shape and density of the larger solid molding fuel, It has small volume, dense density and convenient storage and transportation. Combustion is stable and long period; High combustion efficiency; The dust residue and the pollutant content in the smoke are small.

In addition to the general characteristics of biomass fuel, biomass forming fuel has the following advantages:

1.Sealing plastic bag packaging, convenient shipping, cleaning and safety;

2.Solid particles, large density, small volume, convenient storage;

3.Fuel volatilization is high, easy to ignite and combustion;

4.High fuel calorific value, low water content, good combustion effect;

5.Emissions are fully qualified to achieve emission reduction targets.


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